SEH Technology and StepOver partner to bring proof of quality and security

05 December 2022


SEH utnserver Pro

Accelerated by digitalisation, there are more and more situations in which documents are signed digitally.

This is often done on-site on electronic signature pads. The devices, which were specially developed for this purpose, guarantee a high level of security but require a cable connection to the ‘client’ (for example, a laptop or desktop PC). But what if this direct connection is not possible due to the company's IT infrastructure? The successful cooperation between StepOver and SEH Technology provides the solution.

StepOver, based in Stuttgart, is an expert in the field of electronic signatures. Its customers are active in a wide variety of industries, and the solutions for electronic signatures are correspondingly wide-ranging. In addition to electronic signature pads, StepOver's product range also includes application software, interfaces, and cloud solutions.

The partnership with SEH developed when customers approached StepOver with the requirement to operate the signature pads via a network, so that digital signatures could be made at locations without a desktop PC or notebook. SEH's utnserver Pro is the best remote solution for connecting local USB devices.

Now, users connect an electronic signature pad to the utnserver Pro and can then control the signature pad via any client in the network. This means that several users can access the same signature pad and sign documents digitally. As the IT experts at StepOver assure, a signature pad connected to the utnserver Pro can also be controlled specifically via the e-signature software ‘eSignatureOffice.’

The advantages of electronic signatures are manifold. In addition to stemming the flood of paper, it simplifies business processes enormously and at the same time minimises the potential for errors. After signing, the signed documents are immediately available in connected systems for further processing, auditing, or archiving, regardless of location. The digital storage of signed documents eliminates the inconvenience of filing and the very costly storing of paper documents.

SEH Technology and StepOver have a long-standing partnership. Through a multitude of joint projects, the cooperation has been intensified and can guarantee the smooth interaction of electronic signature pads and utnserver Pro functions. The representatives of StepOver and SEH are particularly proud of the products' ease of use. The two companies are looking forward to new joint projects to support customers in the digitisation process and the introduction of electronic signatures.