Host-IT announces new customers at nLighten’s UK data centres

15 May 2024

Host-IT, an nLighten company, has announced two new customers for its colocation and managed connectivity services based at nLighten’s UK data centres.

Penetration testing firm Ruptura Infosecurity is now using the data centre in Milton Keynes and NTT Stanton Lea, a leading charity fundraising and marketing call centre business, the facility in Bristol. 

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Sustainable networking: from data centres all the way to the edge

07 May 2024

Steven Carlini, VP Of innovation and data centre, Schneider Electric

The UK’s data centre world is an interesting place to be right now, and one facing critical pressures stemming from the need to expand to support more AI – particularly when it comes to training those in the ecosystem - and the overwhelming unmet demand for capacity. Today’s need for data centre capacity is literally accelerating faster than we can build it.

There’s also pressure being put on data centres for sustainability reporting. In Europe it’s becoming mandatory to report environmental data, and impossible to gain new permits unless the data centres meet certain efficiency designs and utilise renewable energy. In the UK, meanwhile, data centre operators are coordinating on how to manage peak power situations.

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Vantage Data Centres enters Ireland with data centre campus

01 May 2024

Vantage Data Centers has announced its entrance into the Irish market with the development of a multi-phase data centre campus (DUB1).

The company will invest more than €1 billion over multiple phases to support the construction and delivery of the campus in one of the largest data center markets in Europe. The first two phases consist of 52MW of IT capacity, with the first phase expected to be operational in late 2024. Upon completion, DUB1 will mark Vantage’s 14th EMEA campus in a growing regional portfolio that spans seven countries.

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Is on-site hydrogen production, storage and use as a fuel, a viable carbon-cutting energy option for data centres?

30 April 2024

Joe Sheehan, technical director, i3 Solutions Group

Joe Sheehan, technical director, i3 Solutions Group

Using hydrogen as a fuel has mostly been discussed as a combustible solution for grid energy needs. Much press coverage has been devoted to its potential to provide zero-carbon energy where excess variable renewable power from wind or solar runs electrolysers to produce green hydrogen using clean energy that would otherwise go to waste.

But could hydrogen be produced effectively at a data centre scale to achieve carbon savings? What is the potential for on-site production of low-carbon hydrogen (hydrogen produced without associated carbon emissions) for use as an energy carrier in data centres? Could fuel cells powered with clean on-site produced hydrogen replace batteries for back-up or even additional power?

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