Data storage: spend wisely, plan for growth…and prepare for problems

22 June 2021

By Mark Radford, director enterprise sales UK, Infinidat

By Mark Radford, director enterprise sales UK, Infinidat

For most UK businesses the last 18 months have brought reality to what had previously been theoretical digital transformation plans.

Automation had already been happening in many parts of the data storage centre, data volumes were exploding and deep learning -- an element of artificial intelligence -- had also started to affect processes. There was the continuous danger of confusion and inefficiency, even complete project failure, unless you could prioritise essential infrastructure, capacity and performance needs under a lot of pressure.

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DataVita buys Lanarkshire DC site from Fortis

07 June 2021

DataVita, Scotland’s largest data centre and multi-cloud services provider, has acquired the Fortis data centre in Lanarkshire with £45m of support from parent-company HFD Group.

The Lanarkshire site is the only one of its kind north of the border, supporting critical IT services for an estimated two million people in a country with a population of 5.5 million.


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O2 to slash data centre emissions in ‘radical overhaul’

04 June 2021

O2 is carrying out a “radical overhaul” of its operations in a bid to cut emissions from its data centres by more than half a million kilograms within a year.

The British telecommunications giant said it has invested in innovative energy-efficient cooling equipment to regulate the temperature of data centres and core network sites. The new kit, which uses natural cold air outside of locations to cool inside, will replace traditional electric-powered air conditioning and transitional gas-based refrigeration.

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Does your data backup still meet your needs in a SaaS-driven world?

18 May 2021

Software as a Service (SaaS) has seen massive growth over the past few years. According to analyst firm Gartner SaaS is the largest cloud market segment, with predicted revenue of more than US$120m in 2021.

This prediction is likely to be less than actual growth, as the pandemic forced businesses to adopt applications and services on cloud platforms. However, one area businesses often fail to consider is their backup and recovery strategy, and how this needs to adapt in a SaaS and cloud-driven environment. Organisations need to ensure their backup strategy has evolved along with their production environment, or risk being unable to recover in the event of a disaster or malware attack.

The rise of SaaS

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