Remote Server Room Management + Intelligent Power Control for Subway System

10 June 2022

A transportation company runs three metro lines with a combined network of 60 stations. Each station has its own server room and passenger information system that needs to be controlled centrally from a single location. In order to consolidate control of the widely dispersed server rooms, the company was looking for a solution that allows remote management and monitoring of the complete IT infrastructure as well as the ability to remotely manage the power to each of the servers for optimum system maintenance and control.


  • Provide centralized control of servers and information systems in multiple locations
  • IT administrators needed to monitor the video output of multiple servers on one screen
  • Requires Virtual Media support for convenient, centralized updating and maintenance
  • Remotely monitor and manage the power supplied to each server

The ATEN Solution:
The over IP solution consolidates centralized management of remote server rooms across a widely distributed, multi-hub transportation network with a high degree of platform and device integration and intelligent power management. The ATEN solution can be access and managed via CC2000, making it flexible and efficient for operators to control through a single portal on a dual-display console. The power management components provide the means to monitor real-time current, voltage, kWh, power consumption and circuit breaker status.

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