Epsilon brings multi-cloud networking with Aviatrix

15 January 2021

Connectivity service provider Epsilon has partnered with Aviatrix, a cloud network platform, to provide a multi-cloud networking service for enterprises.

Epsilon Cloud Networking is an end-to-end multi-cloud service with the automation, operational visibility and control that enterprises need to simplify cloud networking, the company said.

The multi-cloud service directly controls native cloud networking constructs and is based on the Aviatrix multi-cloud network platform with the ability to move data between cloud environments, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud.

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Eutelsat launches UK satellite broadband

15 January 2021

European space operator Eutelsat said its new all-electric (propulsion) broadband satellite, Konnect, is now serving the UK.   The internet service provider which offers fixed broadband access services, currently up to 100Mbps.

Paris-headquartered Eutelsat said businesses in the UK unable to access terrestrial broadband connectivity through traditional means can now enjoy superfast satellite broadband, no matter where they live, via the Eutelsat next-generation Konnect satellite.

This new service is provided by Eutelsat’s new direct operation, which, like the satellite, is also called Konnect. It offers packages specifically tailored to the needs of small businesses and institutions currently operating beyond the reach of fibre. 

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Quantifying SD-WAN’s reliability over multiple circuits

18 December 2020

Compared to traditional wide area networks (WANs), SD-WAN offers many benefits, such as better performance, enhanced visibility and control, and increased agility. Most notably, SD-WAN is known for its improved reliability, which it achieves by actively using multiple transport networks at the same time and dynamically routing traffic around network failures when they occur. Most of us have an intuitive understanding of why this improves the reliability of the network, but the mathematics that proves this can be surprising.

Laying out the calculations

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Zoom and Teams corralled

15 December 2020

The rapid rise in video conferencing has seen Teams, Zoom, and Webex traffic soar across corporate IP networks. Although often delivered as a SaaS, these video conferencing applications form part of a wider shift towards unified communications that is placing more pressure on the enterprise LAN and WAN. Bandwidth is still a finite resource and organisations are increasingly looking at ways to optimise the network so that users, both in the office and remotely, are getting the best application experience – while also ensuring that critical application traffic is not hampered by the growing transport of video.

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