Mavenir to deliver UK’s first off-shore Open RAN-based vRAN private network for windfarm connectivity

04 October 2021

Cellular system integrator Vilicom has selected US specialist Mavenir to provide a private LTE network based on open RAN architecture for an off-shore wind farm in Scotland.

The project is the first of its kind in the UK, the companies said, combining open RAN in an off-shore private network.

Texas-based Mavenir said its virtualised (software-based) MAVair open RAN platform, working with commoditised radio hardware, will form the basis of a new LTE connectivity platform for sea vessels and workers within the boundaries of the Moray East offshore wind-farm project, off the coast of Scotland.

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'UK government and police vulnerable to new Microsoft email hack'

06 September 2021

The government, police and enterprises are susceptible to Microsoft hack

The government, police and enterprises are susceptible to Microsoft hack

A number of high-profile UK organisations, including government and police force, are vulnerable to a troubling flaw in Microsoft's email service, according to a security expert.

A security flaw – described as "as serious as they come" – in Microsoft's Exchange email systems has been identified in the government's and police forces' computer systems. The vulnerabilities were revealed during a computer security conference earlier this month, with hackers leaping at the opportunity to exploit the flaw to cause major problems.

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Vodafone and Cisco launch enterprisegrade broadband and Wi-Fi solution

27 August 2021

Vodafone has partnered with Cisco to launch Complete Connectivity, a new broadband and Wi-Fi solution powered by Cisco Meraki. Designed for small and medium businesses (10 – 250 employees), it offers “reliable and secure” broadband connectivity across sites, with advanced security features to ensure SMEs have everything required to stay connected, secure and in complete control. 

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Why choose mesh?

25 August 2021

Mesh networks have long been synonymous with the emergency services network, hospitals, schools, public halls and the home to name a few. But how useful is it for enterprises? Robert Shepherd investigates

We all want and need a robust wireless network, regardless of the sector we work in, because it’s essential for businesses to maintain broadband connectivity and handle multiple connections reliably. That’s a no-brainer – after all, a network with high bandwidth can accommodate modern working and living, which include the streaming of vast amounts of data, voice and video that is commonplace for businesses to function in the best way possible. With that in mind, more and more enterprises are looking to wireless mesh networks because they can deliver more “dynamic connectivity” than traditional network alternatives overcoming obstacles and providing redundancy. Tell me more, you say.

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