PRTG monitoring the Industrial Automation DataCenter from Siemens

11 July 2023

Hyper-converged IT infrastructure with IADC

The Industrial Automation DataCenter (IADC) is an individually configured data center for on-site use in manufacturing. The system meets the special requirements in the production area and includes all the important core components of a data center, such as high-performance computing, IT/OT networks, back-up & disaster recovery, process data archiving, uninterruptible power supply and IEC 62443 compliant security architecture. The holistic approach also offers consulting, configuration, and the appropriate support services over the entire lifecycle. 

IADC uses virtualization to integrate various applications (e.g., SIMATIC PCS 7, SIMATIC Step7, TIA Portal, WinCC, SIMIT and COMOS up to third-party software) on a common hardware platform. Different hardware variants enable individual scaling of the data center including all necessary lifecycle services.

Components of an IADC

Monitoring by Paessler PRTG

To ensure excellent performance and uninterrupted operation of a data center, monitoring a range of different components is essential. Paessler PRTG monitors all components of the Industrial Automation DataCenter and provides the holistic overview appreciated by over 500,000 admins worldwide. Visualization via real-time overview maps with live status information ensures that everything is always in view and you can act quickly if necessary.

Beyond monitoring

More than 250 predefined native sensors cover all fields of application necessary to monitor a data center. By using PRTG remote probes, multiple networks at different
locations and standalone networks within the enterprise can be monitored. The reporting feature allows you to view and analyze historical monitoring results for a specific time period or for your system configuration. You can create reports for all sensors or only for specific sensors.

“PRTG is an easy-to-use and comprehensive solution to monitor our Industrial Automation DataCenter (IADC)," said Benjamin Lauterlein, Product Manager, Siemens AG.

Flexible notification system

Paessler PRTG informs you when problems or unusual values are detected and automatically sends alerts. For this purpose, PRTG offers more than 10 built-in notification methods – such as email, push messages, SMS text notifications or triggering HTTP requests. You also get push notifications directly to your cell phone using the free apps for Android and iOS.