‘Dark Web is more dangerous than ever’

10 November 2021

Stolen data spreads 11 times faster on the dark web today than it did six years ago, a new study has found. Conducted by cybersecurity vendor Bitglass, the report concludes that the dark web, the part of the World Wide Web only accessible by means of special software, has become darker, busier, and more widespread than ever before. Bitglass reached this conclusion by recreating an experiment carried out in 2015 and comparing the results. Researchers listed links to fake files with supposedly stolen credentials on various dark web marketplaces.

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Please meet...

04 November 2021


Shane Stevens

Networking+ met with Shane Stevens, CTO, NinjaOne to discuss everything...except work

1. What was your big career break?

In 2001 I joined NetIQ. I was fortunate enough to work on the Operations Manager and Security Manager product lines. These were the first two platforms at scale of which I was a part. Early on I had the opportunity to move from being a purely technical contributor into a management role. A conversation with the new vice president of our business unit was the final gateway to the role. The first question he asked as soon I sat down across from him was “So, why do you want to do this?”

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UK to overhaul privacy rules

06 October 2021

The UK will attempt to move away from European data protection regulations as it overhauls its privacy rules after Brexit, the government has announced. The freedom to chart its own course could lead to an end to irritating cookie popups and consent requests online, said the culture secretary, Oliver Dowden, as he called for rules based on “common sense, not box-ticking”. However, any changes will be constrained by the need to offer a new regime that the EU deems adequate, otherwise data transfers between the UK and EU could be frozen. John Edwards, currently the privacy commissioner of New Zealand, will be put in charge of overseeing the transformation. He will replace Elizabeth Denham, whose term in office will end October 31 after a three-month extension.

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MoD apologises for Afghanistan data breach

04 October 2021

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has apologised following a major “data breach” that reportedly exposed the email addresses of more than 250 interpreters who remain in Afghanistan.

Defence secretary Ben Wallace said it would be an understatement to say he was angered after a number of people seeking relocation to the UK – many of whom are still hiding from the new Taliban government – were mistakenly copied into an email.

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