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The need for speed: ABB helps to develop data centers between 30 and 50 percent faster

14 March 2022

With increased demand, the market is looking for ways to expand and develop data centers quicker and generate revenue sooner.

The global colocation market is predicted to grow to over $62 billion by 2022 – that’s almost double the 2017 growth rate.1 This explosive growth can be attributed to a number of factors, including how difficult and expensive it’s becoming to manage in-house data centers, the growing popularity of cloud-based services, Edge computing and IoT adoption, and of course the desire for Big Data.

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Physical Infrastructure is key in any edge computing strategy

11 March 2022

The power, cooling, and enclosure equipment, as well as the compute it supports, provides the foundation on which applications can run and enables countless edge use cases.

Making the right physical infrastructure choice is even more important at the edge given that many deployments are in locations where additional support and protection is required. Navigating edge infrastructure is also made more complicated with the broad and varied definitions of edge. These factors make it challenging for the 49% of enterprises exploring edge computing deployments. They must make decisions on how best to use existing infrastructure and where to make investments today to support the needs of tomorrow.

Building on Vertiv’s work on the Edge Archetypes, which provided a taxonomy for categorizing edge use cases, this report takes those archetypes a step further to define four distinct edge infrastructure models. The framework was developed based on interviews with a range of industry practitioners, data centre experts, solution providers, and industry bodies across smart city, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail applications.

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Don’t risk the protection and security of your IT equipment!

04 May 2021

Rittal introduces New White Paper

Rittal introduces New White Paper

Rittal Launches Safeguarding IT Infrastructure’ whitepaper:

As the world becomes more interconnected by technology, the demand for IT infrastructure is only set to rise. From personal interactions such as checking bank balances via mobile banking apps to managing the businesses ERP and MRP, all are only possible with the seamless integration of IT. What if these IT systems are not physically protected?

Almost every department within a company is dependent on IT systems to some extent, meaning therefore, any IT failure can result in a hefty financial loss. For larger companies, this cost could be up to six figures an hour and therefore it’s easy to imagine the financial damage. So while energy and expense are usually attributed to cybersecurity, the physical security of the IT infrastructure must also be taken into careful consideration to avoid any downtime. Let’s take a look at four key areas:

1. Physical protection

2. Efficient cooling

3. Reliable & secure IT power supplies

4. Real-time monitoring

Check out the link to download the free ‘Safeguarding IT Infrastructure’ whitepaper to discover exactly how Rittal can assist in strengthening your IT infrastructure: Click here