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Maximising AI with cloud

28 November 2023

David Terrar, CEO, Cloud Industry Forum

David Terrar, CEO, Cloud Industry Forum

Currently, there is no shortage of stories discussing the seemingly inexorable rise of AI. While most tend to talk about what AI can do now and what it could do in the future, there is less focus on how organisations using it can actually maximise its potential. To achieve this, companies must take things back to basics, and ensure all the technology underpinning their AI strategy is as effective and as efficient as it possibly can be. This is according to the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF).

The appetite to take on AI is clear. Research conducted by CIF this year found that 86% of respondents consider AI either very important or critical to their business, while 14% have completed the process of migrating applications to the cloud and are now using cloud to develop their AI strategy. The research was carried out a few months after the launch of ChatGPT, with interest in AI growing even further since then. It is imperative, however, that organisations do not lose sight of the challenges ahead.

Ensuring a broad and cost-efficient market for critical broadband devices

23 November 2023

As critical communications organisations and users move to mobile broadband networks and services, increasing numbers of new devices and associated mission critical applications are expected to become available. These will significantly enhance the capabilities and productivity of first responders. However, the mission critical broadband ecosystem is much more complex than the existing narrowband market. A new white paper from TCCA highlights the key considerations that need to be taken into account to ensure a successful long-term cost-effective solution deployment with specific mission critical-supporting functionality.

Connection is the lifeline – new TCCA white paper raises concerns around mission critical user access to commercial networks

10 October 2023

For critical communications users on the front line, connection is the lifeline – immediate availability of network services is crucial. In Europe, it is expected that most operators of broadband networks for Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR) will cooperate with commercial network operators (MNOs) to provide either full or partial PPDR services.

However, to date only a few countries have adopted a legislative/regulatory solution that takes into account the needs of PPDR users if their mission critical services are reliant on the availability of MNO networks. A new white paper from TCCA’s Legal and Regulatory Working Group looks at how European regulation on net neutrality may affect public safety operators that utilise radio coverage from commercial MNOs.