Beyond Wi-Fi

13 July 2022

Barnsdale Hall Hotel is an independent luxury hotel with a range of accommodation including lodges and apartments. Popular among corporate and leisure clients, the hotel facilities include a spa and leisure club facilities, restaurant and bar, business conference services and wedding packages.

Wi-Fi is provided to guests wherever they may be within the buildings, grounds, accommodation, spa facilities and conference suites.

The hotel management recognises that good quality Wi-Fi is key to guest experience.

When Ian Stone took up his role as estate manager at Barnsdale Hall Hotel, the Wi-Fi infrastructure – provided by Novahub – was already in place.

However following installation of the system, it had not been substantially upgraded.

Seeing no reason to replace the existing infrastructure or find alternative supplier, Stone contacted Novahub in order to understand and familiarise with the configuration and layout of the Wi-Fi network and to plan a roadmap to evolve the Wi-Fi provision around the hotel.

“I don’t give recommendations lightly, but if anyone in this industry were to ask me for a recommended WiFi service provider, I would tell them to go and talk to Novahub without hesitation”

Ian Stone, estate manager at Barnsdale Hall Hotel

Stone knew from his previous experience – part of which was with a large international hotels group – that business and leisure hotel guests expect good quality Wi-Fi.
Wi-Fi not only influences or impacts on the experience of guests while at the hotel; it can also be a driver of return bookings.

At the Barnsdale, Wi-Fi is provided not just to guest accommodation, but in areas such as the leisure centre reception, bar and snooker room and for business guests, throughout the conference facilities.

In order to continue providing free, high-quality Wi-Fi to all guests, Stone saw the need to survey, assess and upgrade the Wi-Fi infrastructure in key areas of the hotel.
Of particular interest, Novahub added value by offering insights beyond the Wi-Fi technology to the business value of Wi-Fi and how and where it could be deployed around the hotel site and grounds.

When asked for support, the Novahub team proved highly responsive, for example being willing to help out at short notice following a power outage in part of the hotel.

Novahub can also offer anonymised insights and reporting into Wi-Fi location and traffic usage around the hotel.