The great cash injection

09 December 2021

Chancellor Rishi Sunak handed the NHS £2.3bn to improve its ageing technology and IT systems. The question is: where is the money needed most? Robert Shepherd asks the questions

If there’s one organisation synonymous with underfunding, long-waiting times and being overrun at the worst possible time, then you’d do well to name one more beleaguered – indeed, more important – than the National Health Service (NHS).

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Working from home for the foreseeable?

07 December 2021

Working from home is no longer the ‘new normal’ – it’s firmly established. However, that means investing in the best technology, say the experts

Working from home was considered the “new normal” this time last year. The world was plunged into chaos when businesses were forced to close their offices and tell staff to work from home as the coronavirus pandemic gripped countries around the globe. Working from home, once a privilege, was suddenly the immediate future.

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Please meet...

06 December 2021

Matan Liberman, general manager, Semperis

Matan Liberman, general manager, Semperis

What was your big career break?
When Mickey, Guy and I founded Semperis everyone said that Active Directory, the Microsoft product that manages the identities of 90% of global organisations – which we provide the protection for - will vanish from the world. We believed it wouldn’t. Investors, customers and experts said that in 5 years no one will use it. But we believed that cloud adoption by organisations will only increase the importance of Active Directory. Around 2018 we finally started seeing a huge increase in our product’s demand. Gartner, the globally recognised research and advisory firm providing information to organisations, also changed their report saying that Active Directory is not only here to stay but it would be critical for organisations. It was then that we knew we are doing something right.

Who was your hero when you were growing up?
That is a difficult question because I had several people that I looked up to, so I have to go with two answers. First are my parents who always made sure I had everything I needed, often putting my needs first by sparing themselves. They gave me the education, love and confidence to chase my dreams so they were a huge inspiration.

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