In-building comms

Connectivity in old buildings

12 November 2020

Internet connectivity problems are common in old houses. After all, the likes of John Nash, Decimus Burton and architects who plied their trade in the last century didn’t have internet connectivity in mind when they were commissioned to design property.

However, many businesses in the UK face this challenge, too. Think about it: lots of companies now operate out of – well, they did before the Covid-19 pandemic – Georgian townhouses that ordinary folk can no longer afford to live in.

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GDPR post Brexit: what should firms expect?

07 October 2020

Data privacy has been a focal point among government leaders and business executives for a number of years.

In the wake of major scandals involving the likes of social media giant Facebook and telecom group Talk Talk, officials have joined forces to enact measures like GDPR in an effort to curb the mishandling of data — and give peace of mind to the public at large about their personal information and how it is shared.

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Critical Comms

Keeping the blues and twos connected

15 September 2020

Britain’s location in north-western Europe has meant that, luckily, the natural disasters it experiences are, comparatively, not as serious as some of those that routinely strike other parts of the world. However, that’s not to say we’re immune – after all, the British Isles are prone to storms, floods and of course, terrorist attacks.

Given we could be hit by something anywhere, at any time and likely with little or no warning, its paramount that the emergency services are able to maintain connectivity to save our lives.

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