Is cloud old news?

06 December 2023

Cloud has been a staple in the IT world for quite some time, but as with any established technology – has it seen better days?

Why cloud?

Cloud computing has become an essential part of modern business operations and offers businesses a host of excellent benefits.

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Please meet...

07 November 2023

John Diamond, senior solutions architect, product, Park Place Technologies

Which law would you most like to change?
The Blue Laws … these are antiquated laws in parts of the US, including in the county where I live, that prevent useful shops such as DIY stores opening on Sundays. I’ve been to a food store on a Sunday morning where the aisle containing the rice cookers and kettles was cordoned off until noon. Can you imagine the frustration when you need another pipe joint halfway through mending a kitchen sink and have to drive to a neighbouring county to find an open hardware store on a Sunday afternoon?

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smart cities

Tackling the UK’s urbanisation with smarter cities

06 November 2023

Smart city projects are advancing in leaps and bounds across the UK. But how are communications service providers helping support the growing drive for greener urban centres? We checked in with those in the know.

Making cities smarter

Smart cities hold the potential to change the world, improving everyday life as well as helping tackle the environmental impact of expanding urbanised centres. As sustainability concerns further embed themselves within society and technology adoption remains critical for economic growth, local authorities across the UK are looking to incorporate more smart technologies into their cities.

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