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08 May 2024

Jim Liddle, VP product, Nasuni

Who was your hero when you were growing up?
Muhammed Ali was always my big hero growing up. I’m old enough to have watched him with my father when I was young and those are still special memories. He visited London one time with his photographer, Howard Bingham, and I queued for hours for him to autograph a photo biopic of his carrier by Howard. That still has pride of place on my bookshelf!

What was your big career break?
I’m not sure there was one big break but certainly taking the jump into forming Storage Made Easy was a defining moment. Being a founder in a startup is never easy and you have to stay the course but ultimately that choice led me to where I am today and I will be forever grateful for making the jump (and I should mention that without the support of my wife Ana I probably would never have done it, so, thanks Ana!)

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Sustainability – affecting real change for the IT sector

07 May 2024

Advancing sustainability achievements in the power-guzzling IT sector is a worthy goal for sure – but how important is it to the UK’s operators, and which technologies are paving the way?

Sustainability goals are increasingly having a significant impact on enterprises thanks in part to pressure from consumers and investors who are considering environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors when making decisions. And in a world where reputation is everything, businesses must do everything possible to avoid getting caught with their pants down.

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critical infrastructure

Securing critical infrastructure

02 May 2024

Securing critical infrastructure is a non-optional must in the modern world; however, with so many attack vectors and evolving threats, where should we even begin?

In an increasingly digital world, securing critical infrastructure – including but not limited to national defence, healthcare, emergency services, transportation systems, and utilities – is essential. The disruption of such infrastructure can ripple far beyond a single organisation to threaten public safety. But what exactly is the biggest threat to critical infrastructure today?

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