Critical Comms

Keeping the blues and twos connected

15 September 2020

Britain’s location in north-western Europe has meant that, luckily, the natural disasters it experiences are, comparatively, not as serious as some of those that routinely strike other parts of the world. However, that’s not to say we’re immune – after all, the British Isles are prone to storms, floods and of course, terrorist attacks.

Given we could be hit by something anywhere, at any time and likely with little or no warning, its paramount that the emergency services are able to maintain connectivity to save our lives.

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AI in data centres

07 August 2020

Admit it, the first time some of you heard of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ was following the release of A.I. - the eponymous 2001 motion picture, developed by Stanley Kubrick in the 70s and directed by Steven Spielberg decades later.

It was to be the former’s first foray into the science-fiction genre since his 1968 sci-fi classic 2001: A Space Odyssey, a prescient allegory about how destructive artificial intelligence can be when cruelly misused. The point is visionaries like the Hollywood creatives foresaw how useful it could be to humankind before most people reading this were born.

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Anything and everything

23 July 2020

When I started looking for industry luminaries to enlighten me about XaaS, the refrain from many public relations and marketing officials was almost identical, as if they weren’t quite ready for the call. My questions were answered with questions, usually in the form of “can you give me a bit more information”? In other words, XaaS means different things to different people, even though it isn’t new to the party. The ‘X’ can mean either anything or everything can be purchased on an “as needed” basis and the main pillars are…well, it depends on what you want.

Renat Zubairov, CEO and co-founder,, says that despite the fact the everything/anything-as-a-Service (XaaS) has been around for a number of years now, 2019 was the year when, according to Gartner, everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) went mainstream and got everyone talking.


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