Top Coventry night spot, "The Yard", selects TP-Link and Stampede solution for CRM and business W-iFi

28 May 2021

Covid has crippled the hospitality sector. Pubs, clubs, hotels and restaurants are taking advantage of the final days of lockdown to prepare for a welcome reopening. Marketing manager Jamie Ward, based at the extremely popular “The Yard” , is leaving nothing to chance. As all good business owners recognise it costs significantly more to acquire a new customer than to turn an existing customer into a loyal one.

There’s a lot of competition for people’s leisure time and disposable income; we have to make every night an unforgettable one – for all the right reasons. WiFi is an essential part of the overall customer experience, from the fundamental business operations like processing payments through to safe and secure WiFi for our guests.

With more than one venue, The Yard has standardised business operations across all its clubs, including the networking infrastructure. As part of the plan to minimise IT overheads and provide off premise access, Jamie invested in TP-Link Omada cloud-managed access points. Configured and optimised via a browser or app Jamie ensures maximum business uptime, especially during critical trading hours.

Combining hospitality customer retention solution Stampede on the Omada networking platform, Jamie has created a large, permission-based, organic customer database and used the Stampede captive portal solution to gather meaningful customer insights.

We've been nurturing our customer database during lockdown to make sure that we’re front of mind as THE place to go when doors reopen. The Stamped platform is very intuitive, giving us the opportunity to easily build targeted communications to key customer groups rather than using a spray and pray approach.

Business-class wireless solutions don’t have to be complex with burdensome installation fees. Jamie self-installed four TP-Link Omada business-class access points (EAP115) in less than an hour. By opting for TP-Link hardware, the Stampede team could remotely install their software in Coventry and the Gibraltar club.

Would I opt for TP-Link Omada and Stampede again? 100% yes. Both systems are really easy to use and work together seamlessly to provide a reliable network for the business and customers. The captive portal makes it easy to capture GDPR compliant data customer data to build genuine relationships with our customers. I’ ve already got a series of campaigns lined up that will increase footfall once doors open again.

From a business owners perspective, the Stampede/TP-Link solution offers a complete solution. Simple installation, low set up costs and minimal ongoing maintenance provides a rapid return on investment. Using Stampede on a TP-Link platform has already paid for itself, and the more we use it, the more opportunities we find to reach out to new customers and build on existing relationships. Would I recommend it? Absolutely.