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Improving Wi-Fi service for a Liverpool City Centre student housing development

09 March 2021

Lansafe Ltd installed  Draytek solutions to improve the WiFi service within a Liverpool city centre student housing development.

The Requirement

• Find a reliable, low-cost Internet connectivity solution for 3 student housing buildings servicing 130+ students

• Improve the bandwidth access to the existing 4 ADSL broadbands  - which were providing slow connectivity (around 15mbps) and segregated across 4 separate routers

• Improve wireless connectivity

• Cover two additional buildings for 100 students with one leased line

• Manage solution remotely

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Online made easier thanks to update

07 October 2020

With more than 11,000 students, Bournemouth & Poole College (BPC) is the largest provider of further education and apprenticeships in the region. Its core focus is on work skills, so that students are well placed for their chosen careers.

The college uses a free and open source learning management system called Moodle. Following student feedback, the college decided to modernise its Moodle digital learning environment (DLE) with more engaging features for both staff and students.

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New IP system increases safety in schools

07 October 2020

Loughborough Schools Foundation, a group of four independent schools and a nursery, with a total of just over 2,500 pupils.

Three of them share a campus: the all-boys Loughborough Grammar, founded in 1495, which has 849 pupils (and 74 boarders); Loughborough High, with 650 girls; and Fairfield Preparatory which has 506 pupils.

Loughborough Amherst School, founded in 1841 as Our Lady’s Convent School, has 359 pupils; and a day nursery looks after 64 children.


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Bristol-is-Open and Zeetta Networks team up

15 September 2020

Bristol-is-Open is a project for smart city experimentation in technology and citizen engagement, jointly backed by Bristol City Council and the University of Bristol. The city was  recognised as the UK’s leading smart city based on the UK Smart Cities index 2017. Then, in 2018, Bristol-is-Open was recognised with the Glomo Smart Cities Award. 

Zeetta Networks, a local university spin-out company, has worked closely with Bristol-is-Open using NetOS to manage its smart city network infrastructure.

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Project connects Sheffield to free, superfast Wi-Fi network

15 September 2020

Ruckus Networks, an ARRIS company, got involved in Sheffield City’s free-to-use, superfast Wi-Fi project. Working collaboratively with Idaq Networks – it runs the network - and Siklu, a player in millimetre wave radio technology, the project creates a virtual data ring-road around the city, transmitting high-speed capacity between tall buildings, before bringing it down to street level to be used by residents.

 The project delivers superfast internet, at 20 gigabits per second (Gbps), to 293 streets in the city and up to 24,000 users can connect simultaneously. The network is free, and at no cost users or to the council who provided exclusive access to street furniture and buildings to install the network. The network can also be leveraged for other commercial opportunities to help fund the service.

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SuperConnected Cities Programme helps fund public WiFi in 22 UK cities

15 September 2020

There are many towns and cities utilising public Wi-Fi solutions in various forms with ranging areas of coverage both in the UK and worldwide. In fact, pick up any august tech publication or visit a relevant website and you’ll see that ‘smart cities’ or ‘connected cities’ feature somewhere.

This is very true in many northern English cities, which are investing heavily in various comms technologies in a bid for parity with more affluent parts of the country. Yet while many projects are announced from the rooftops, some cities, councils and other relevant authorities are keener to keep their powder dry. In other words, some information is in the public arena but much of it is not. The following details some that our cities have completed via the SuperConnected Cities Programme and published information about the previous implementation in Barnsley.

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CTIL and O2 partner up with iWireless Solutions

15 September 2020

Working in partnership with CTIL and O2, iWireless Solutions was asked to design and deliver a world leading, free outdoor Wi-Fi network within the Square Mile. The multi-million-pound project is part of one of the largest investments in wireless infrastructure ever seen in the UK, providing workers, residents and visitors with the ability to access digital rich content in a dense urban environment.

This work was inclusive of any column work, such as replacing for suitable height columns, as well as dealing with the power needed to bring the kit live. The existing Wi-Fi solution was insufficient to meet today’s data demands, which required the new system to be radically different. iWireless Solutions designed a Wi-Fi system with a dynamic, self- organising, fully resilient, gigabit capable backhaul.

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Kendal RUFC’s state-of-the-art upgrade

28 August 2020

Kendal RUFC’s move away from its home for nearly a century was always going to attract considerable interest and great expectations from the local communities, given the investment in a dedicated new state-of-the-art £8m stadium. 

The new Mintbridge Stadium sits just a stone’s throw from the old ground, but the new facilities are light years ahead of the Club’s historic home. The old ground was historically referred to by Kendal’s supporters as a ‘northern fortress’ and modern incarnation is certainly an imposing and impressive site.

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Protecting property, protecting people

23 July 2020

Hesco manufactures, designs and deploys defence barriers in several countries around the world. It is renowned for its rapidly deployable Concertainer system that is used for both flood control and military fortification worldwide. Camp Bastion, the former British Army headquarters in Afghanistan, was named after the company and its iconic barrier system.

Operating from both the UK and US, and with around 300 staff, the company has customers in various parts of the world, including Europe, Asia, America and the Middle East.

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Dual function Wi-Fi services for black cabs

22 April 2020

Sherbet London Taxis, a London Black Taxi operator and advertising organisation needed to equip 50 of their latest TX4 classic Black Taxis with 4G (LTE) connectivity.

The goal was to improve the experience of business customers by providing two levels of service:

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