Providing touch to patients, visitors and staff alike

04 March 2020

Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust provides a wide range of integrated community health, mental health, learning disability and social care services to people of all ages.

The Trust employs 3,838 staff, has a turnover of £158m and provides services from 13 community hospitals across the county.

It also delivers mental health inpatient services on nine mental health wards.

The Trust wished to provide a safe and secure Wi-Fi internet solution for their service users to access whilst in their many locations.

This was to be provided on its existing Ruckus network infrastructure, avoiding costly network uplift.

The locations were to present a bespoke NHS landing page, in keeping with their corporate identity, extending the Trust touch points with the service users.

It was also important to the Trust to look towards the future and what functionality could be offered to enhance the service user’s experience.

With non-app dependent welcome messaging and proximity detection functionality, Yo Wireless was selected to provide a solution for the present and for the future.

By working closely with Ruckus wireless access points were managed by using the ‘Zone Director’ controller.

As Yo Wireless is integrated with both the hardware & software controllers, it was a simple process to direct the Guest Access users to the NHS branded landing pages.

Here they logged in to the WiFi internet access using either their email address or social media credentials.

This functionality was grouped across all of the Trust locations, so no matter which hospital or clinic they visit they were recognised as a part of the Trust digital connectivity family.

Using the Yo-Wireless dashboard, the Trust gained useful insights into the usage of the Wi-Fi.