Data Never Sleeps

12 January 2024

Domo has unveiled its 11th edition of Data Never Sleeps. Over the past decade, Domo has tracked the world's data usage, revealing remarkable increases in activity across various online platforms, from Instagram and X to Amazon, Venmo, and many others. 

“This year’s findings reflect the ever-changing and fast-paced digital landscape, which has only been heightened by the rapid popularity of AI models such as ChatGPT,” said Josh James, founder and CEO, Domo. “Data drives everything we do, from a quick search online or sending an email, to checking the latest headlines on our way to work. Data Never Sleeps, now in its eleventh year, depicts just how much we rely on data and its impact on our daily lives in one of the 525,600 minutes in a year.”

Some key highlights from this year’s report include:

The AI Boom: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making big waves in the digital world. AI-driven platforms such as ChatGPT are reshaping the ways we work, communicate and create, with users submitting 6,944 prompts every minute. However, users haven’t forsaken their search engine habits, as searches on Google total more than 6.3 million every minute (up from 5.9 million a year ago).

Entertainment Dominance: After a dip in engagement last year, X (formerly Twitter) now sees 360,000 posts from users every minute, up from 347,000 in Data Never Sleeps 10.0. Spotify users stream 24,000 hours of music, including 69,444 Taylor Swift songs. Instagram users are sending over 694,000 reels via direct message every sixty seconds. And the world of streaming continues to dominate, as collective viewers watch more than 40 years of streaming content every single minute. As online platforms gain more activity and engagement, the entertainment industry promises to never be the same.

Transactions on a Tear: Digital spending continues its vast expansion. Amazon sees more than £362k in sales every minute and on digital transaction app Venmo, users send £369k worth of payments every minute, up 6% year over year. In the food sector, DoorDash diners place orders totalling £97.7k, up 60% from last year, reflecting the increased reliance (and potentially, inflation) on food and food delivery services in this digital age.

Cybersecurity Challenges: However, as digital activities intensify, so do cybersecurity threats. Cybercriminals launch 30 DDoS attacks every minute, highlighting the need for robust online security measures to protect individuals and businesses.

“Data weaves the fabric of our digital lives, and our annual Data Never Sleeps report highlights some of the most meaningful data for businesses and consumers alike,” said James.