Performance without Compromise - Why Storage Architecture Matters

06 April 2016

Information is the lifeblood of any business, and ready access to it is an imperative all IT organizations must support. To deliver on this requirement, high-­performance storage is increasingly becoming a critical component of any modern IT infrastructure. However, selecting the right performance storage solution—and leveraging its benefits for competitive business advantage—can pose a tremendous challenge.

The storage market is crowded with a multitude of competitors promising high performance with flash storage technology. The truth is that not all flash storage system architectures are created equal, and results will vary greatly. Compounding the problem even further, flash storage technology can mask major storage system architectural deficiencies at a small scale. Often, it is not until expansion happens that scalability deficiencies become major issues. The right storage architecture for a few terabytes can easily crumble at 10s or 100s of terabytes.