Refreshed network - nuclias cloud managed solution for an academy school in west London

27 October 2021

Wood End Academy a junior school at the heart of the Greenford community in the London Borough of Ealing.

It is looking to improve and embrace a digital policy for their students, by migrating towards a cloud manged solution. The school were pursuing a solution to improve their network speed and capacity, that’s also easy to maintain.


To deliver a robust and scalable Wi-Fi network to meet all current and future needs. Providing seamless roaming wireless across the campus and office teams while segmenting the network to ensure that security and data remains safe and secure. Having a scalable solution was paramount, so that adding additional devices to
the network and increasing the demand, didn’t cause disruption to key systems within the school, hampering students’ e-learning.


D-Link provided a cloud based solution via it’s nuclias platform, setting up a full wireless network of high denisty access points to provide the highest speed and connectivity available.

nuclias access points DBA-2820P were deployed for a state of the art wireless cloud managed solution, enabling the school to create the fastest campus wide wireless network possible, with PoE incorporated as standard. D-Link along with Levett consultancy, worked together to plan the best deployment of access points across
the campus in order to provide the required range of broadcast.

The Nuclias 3-Year licence enables cloud management on the DBA-2820P access points for an additional three (3) years.
This solution was installed by our MSP partner Levett Consultancy, who will manage and maintain this solution remotely on behalf of Wood End Academy. Levett provided a fully rounded service from consultancy, project management and on going support - see here:


The D-Link solution nuclias platform has delivered a fast and robust solution for Wood End Academy’s students and staff. It has enabled them to make the most of technological advances in e-learning and deliver this seamlessly. The remote network management has also taken a strain off of the on-site IT resource.
Wood End is following Levett Consultancies ‘Your Cloud’ strategy that enables a flexible learning environment built on the foundations of a scalable and robust D-Link infrastructure