Munster gets smart

28 August 2020

Over-C, a provider of workplace management and analytics which uses location, sensor data and other IoT devices to empower frontline workers, worked with Thomond Park Stadium, the home of Munster Rugby Club to transform it into a smart stadium. The bespoke digital solution will help Thomond Park to streamline processes, gain new insights into stadium data and deliver a first-rate fan experience.

Thomond Park Stadium was using paper-based processes for up to 1,500 contractors to perform hundreds of match day security, catering, cleaning and maintenance tasks. These critical tasks included checking all fire exits, fridges, boiler rooms, public facilities, fire safety equipment, waste disposal, collaboration with local authorities and transport as well as many more.

The day-to-day management team were finding it extremely problematic and time consuming to gather all of the required data, report on it and identify trends, performance and risk. They were also struggling to communicate and collaborate effectively with all staff and contractors. They needed to spend more time on delivering a great fan experience instead of administrative, manual, time-consuming tasks.

“We were running on a very manual system previously,” says Colm Moran, operations facility and event manager, Thomond Park Stadium. “Now every last detail which occurs in the stadium can be put onto the Over-C system, which is so vast that I can’t actually see the end to its capabilities. We are planning to use the Over-C system further to ensure our fan experience is second to none – from our toilets, to our gates access to ensure the highest customer standard is delivered.”

Mike Elliot, CEO and founder adds, “After sitting down with the Thomond Park team we immediately began to understand their specific requirements and worked with them to create a Smart Stadium solution. Our solutions help automate and digitise their processes giving them better visibility and full transparency into their operations all from one platform.”

Through strategically placed wireless sensors and other IoT endpoints throughout the stadium, data is captured based on the information they want to collect whether it’s temperature, humidity, motion or other. These sensors also trigger different tasks and workflows with all data available in real-time through a visual dashboard.

Moran continued “We can historically go back over the data and see where the trends are happening and analyse that data to make decisions going forward.

Over-C’s system enables Thomond Park to meet these government guidelines while achieving and maintaining ISO 20121, without compromising fan experience or overpaying for services.