Taipei 101 2020 New Year’s Eve countdown with Wi-Fi 6

02 June 2020

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The Site The event’s promoters expected to have 20,000 attendees in a 108,000 square feet outdoor vicinity which could handle a massive number of concurrent users and a higher Wi-Fi network bandwidth at any given time throughout the night.

The Situation

System integrator Interwave Information Corp. was in search of a reliable networking provider with experience in providing total networking solutions. At past events at the Taipei 101 plaza, it was difficult to provide participants with high performance internet access. Relying on local cellular service could be a hit or miss, as speeds and connectivity can be greatly affected by the number of devices connecting and the types of traffic being used. With 20,000 people expected in one location for this event, oftentimes local cellular service is not provisioned to scale quickly enough to handle the massive numbers of connections and high throughput traffic.


The Benefits

EnGenius Cloud offer real time network visualization under single-pane-of-glass capabilities. This allowed Interwave to watch the event remotely while monitoring the number of clients, the throughput, the CPU utilization as well as other network statistics in real time. Depending on the moment and needs, they could change the configuration accordingly and apply it to specific APs or all 111 units at one time, as needed. The LED locator function and photo’s per AP were also incredibly helpful in identifying a specific AP among several at one specific location.
During the countdown, connectivity reached nearly 6,000 concurrent clients on the network. At the peak of use, many APs got over 130 clients per APs, but CPU utilization remained less than 30%.

New Year Forward Thinking with the EnGenius Managed Solutions

-The EnGenius 2x2 11ax APs: 51 units were used
-The EnGenius 4x4 11ax APs: 60 units were used
-The EnGenius 24-Port PoE Hybrid Switches: 18 units were used.



“With the EnGenius Cloud solution, we could remotely monitor and manage our large Wi-Fi 6 network deployment in real time. This means we could address issues and configure the network on the fly to improve performance and meet the requirements of our attendees immediately.” — said the site Engineer from Interwave Information Corp