MooCall connecting man with animal

21 April 2020

The idea for the MooCall calving sensor came about when one of the MooCall founding team, Niall Austin lost a heifer and her calf due to a difficult calving back in 2010.

He had a theory that a device to measure tail movement might be able to predict the onset of calving and brought the idea to the other MooCall founders Michael Stanley and Emmet Savage.

After many months of research and development the MooCall device was born, however they needed robust and reliable, global connectivity with roaming capability to ensure that this critical data could be transferred the crucial moment.

Vodafone IoT worked closely with MooCall to implement a solution that works seamlessly every time, wherever the cow might be situated.

This non-invasive, tail mounted sensor gathers over 600 pieces of data a second. It can accurately predict when a cow is most likely to give birth by measuring tail movement patterns triggered by labour contractions. When they reach a certain level of intensity over a period of time it then sends an alert, via the Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity Platform, directly to your cell phone or via an app, on average one hour prior to calving.

“Vodafone IoT gives us the roaming capability to get our signal out whatever the location,” said Emmet Savage,CEO MooCall. “We have a huge expansion plan and in every case whichever country we’ve signed agreements in Vodafone IoT has their IoT Platforms in those jurisdictions so it makes the globalisation of MooCall seamless.”