DB Schenker goes the distance with SOTI

20 April 2020

DB Schenker is one of the largest Logistics, 3PL, transport and Freight management providers worldwide, a tradition that goes back to the 19th Century (est. 1872), generating approximately 50% of the DB Group’s revenues.

With more than 64,000 employees, across 130 countries and around 2,000 strategic, economic regional locations, DB Schenker has a global, integrated network geared towards customer service, quality and sustainability. A need for an enhanced mobile strategy led them to re-evaluate its enterprise mobility management solution.

As users of purpose-built handheld devices, DB Schenker realised that its current MSP platform hindered its ability to manage devices. With use of provisioning version only on Motorola devices, DB Schenker was not able to use remote control. One of its offices wanted to move from its end of life (EOL) system to a modern management system with enhanced functionality. It identified that the EOL system was cumbersome in its package build and deployment. This was compounded with the lack of remote control of devices and non-existent data collection.

Further challenges included the diverse environment (a variety of Windows Mobile, Windows Embedded Handheld and Windows CE operating systems on either 3G or Wi-Fi) and the dispersed sites. DB Schenker identified that employee enablement was limited as DB Schenker employees were reliant on external resources.

With a clear goal of improving customer satisfaction and employee enablement, the IT department had to ensure that the switch from one system to the other would not affect the day-to-day operations nor its customers’ experience.

The main objective for DB Schenker was to implement a short-term seamless, integrated data management system upgrade, with the long-term benefits of speed, flexibility, greater efficiencies and overall improved customer experience.

SOTI MobiControl enabled DB Schenker to reduce the complexity of its complete device lifecycle management. With advanced helpdesk and real-time remote support the  IT team was able to comprehensively manage the entire mobile deployment with ease. This improved the productivity of workers (within and outside the four walls) as well as impacted business performance.

Another key advantage that DB Schenker experienced was a lower cost of ownership because of centralized and proactive management that prompted the need to re-evaluate its enterprise mobility management provider.

By incorporating SOTI MobiControl to manage mobile deployment, DB Schenker now has access to secure, centralised information and reporting to deliver a clear competitive advantage for its customers.