An appetite for change

02 January 2020

Paramount 21 is a Devon-based specialist in creating premium value-added frozen seafood, vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free products.

Launched in 1988 by Ali Hannaford, the Newton Abbot company’s website explains how it “was started with an investment of only £3,500, second-hand machinery, sheer determination and faith  in the future and Paramount is still an independently-owned family business”.

The company quickly developed from packing prawns to creating a range of premi-um value added frozen seafood and vegetari-an products for the foodservice industry.

Now exporting to the likes of Australia, UAE and Europe, Paramount21 knew it had to install a high-end and high-speed Wi-Fi network to keep operating at the level to which it has become accustomed.

The rationale behind this is that it wanted smooth access to its equipment and internal networks for better manage-ment control and process.

Furthermore, Paramount 21 needed to link up other buildings to the same internal network, with secure internal access for all staff.

As you can imagine, the food manufactur-ing environment has strict hygiene require-ments, so all works took place during factory closure in a “clean room style” situation.

All Wi-Fi access points were located in the ceilings and once sealed they were then cabled back to the main cabinet.

Par-amount 21 has a single grouped network, all controlled and secured with Unifi switches and Unifi Security Gateway Pro.

The system is managed and controlled on the hosted Clubwifi Unifi Controller plat-form, with regular updates and mainte-nance ensuring the factory runs smoothly with this technology at all times.

“Club Wi-fi has been very professional since we started using it for our Wi-fi services, whereas previously other suppliers told us the technology would never work in our factory, we were it would work and he was prepared to stand by his word,” says a Paramount 21 official.

“An efficient installation later and we have excellent coverage throughout our site with a seamless bridge to other buildings, all in all excellent solutions, expertly installed with the minimum of fuss and superb reliability.”

The main benefit to having the Unifi UAP access points, controllers and switches is that they provide Paramount 21 with “superb uptime”, while solid Wi-Fi allows the business to deliver even more for its customers.

Once a manual process, now automat-ed, managers receive information in the factory via tablets at all times.

This solution is managed on the Clubwifi Hosted Unifi Platform, which controls all aspects of Unifi Systems and Components.

This ensures the system is secure and up to date at all times from the Clubwifi Management Service.