Agency removes bugs in the system with ANT

19 December 2018

Hertfordshire-headquartered search marketing agency Distinctly has a team of 15 who work with multiple clients on SEO, PPC and content marketing campaigns. As such, the company needs a dependable telephony solution as well as fast broadband to provide an optimum service level to its clients.

Previously, it was experiencing multiple problems with its existing provider, including an intermittent internet connection and phone calls regularly cutting out after 16 minutes.

Even more frustratingly, the provider was unwilling to offer a solution to these issues. Instead, it allegedly shunned all responsibility, claiming the problems were with Distinctly’s network. Furthermore, it was slow to respond and didn’t keep the agency informed of the progress of any faults reported.

All this caused a multitude of issues for Distinctly’s business. It interrupted the agency’s day to day services, and also resulted in a significant number of hours wasted as it tried to resolve the problems by itself. MD Tom Shurville says: “Without the technical support that one expects from a service provider, we felt like we were on our own in trying to find a resolution. It was therefore crucial that we not only found a company that could deploy a reliable solution, but also provide excellent customer service and support moving forwards.”

After nine months of connection difficulties, Distinctly sought the help of ANT Telecom to find a working and reliable solution to meet its needs. With plans to expand its offices in Rickmansworth and London, as well as recruiting staff to work in remote locations such as Birmingham, it was crucial that the solution was scalable to suit the growing organisation.

According to Bucks-based ANT Telecom, Distinctly now benefits from a cloud-based telephony solution that runs on a “highly resilient” network. The firm says its system features expansion capabilities on a user-by-user basis, advanced hunt groups, mobile twinning and 5,000 minutes of inclusive calls per user. Furthermore, ANT says setting up users in remote offices or from home is easy to deploy in order to support Distinctly’s expansion plans.

Since ANT deployed the solution, there was one incident that caused the internet connection to drop out. However, ANT says it quickly diagnosed that the problem was not stemming from its services and liaised directly with Distinctly’s IT provider on a fix. With no need for Distinctly to act as the ‘middleman’, the issue was quickly identified and measures rapidly implemented, allowing the agency’s team to continue as normal, instead of wasting valuable time trying to fix the problem themselves.