Fast website vital in the fight against meningitis

12 February 2018

The Meningitis Research Foundation brings together people and expertise to defeat meningitis and septicaemia wherever it exists.

Since the charity began in 1989, it has funded vital research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of meningitis, and also raises awareness of the disease and supports individuals and families affected.

Due to the fast-acting nature of meningitis and septicaemia, the public need to be able to access information quickly and at all times. The foundation’s website is therefore key – given the severity of meningitis and the importance of early diagnosis, its performance is vital and instant access is a top priority.

However, the online platform was not optimised for mobile which accounts for 60 to 70 per cent of user traffic, making information and advice difficult to view. Furthermore, the look and design of the site was constrained by technical issues that meant graphics were taking too long to load, leading to poor response times 

On top of all this, there are times when the site experiences peaks in traffic due to awareness campaigns or news reports about the disease. The foundation therefore needed increased IT power and capacity to handle these surges. 

After a recommendation from its design agency partner Delete, the charity looked to Hyve Managed Hosting to provide the infrastructure, performance and security it needed.

Brighton-based Hyve specialises in fully managed IT services. The firm claims its web hosting services provide reliable, secure and high-speed infrastructure underpinned by the use of SSD drives and a ‘no single point of failure’ architecture design.

The company adds that its “instantly adaptable” cloud resources mean that organisations can scale in conjunction with increases to website traffic, and that its “strong” investment in hardware means it offers a 99.99999 per cent uptime guarantee.

The Meningitis Research Foundation is now able to take advantage of a faster and more efficient website that provides greater response times than ever before. Hyve says that on average, the site is now experiencing load times of 684ms which is below the median of other sites at 749ms. As a result, visitors can access the online information they need without any difficulty.