Writing on the wall for pen-maker’s split data centre

30 January 2014

The LAMY brand is synonymous with premium quality writing instruments both within its native Germany and internationally. The company had already invested heavily in the development of a virtualized server and client infrastructure, helping it to increase the flexibility of its IT systems while at the same time reducing energy costs and administration requirements.

Lamy operates a split data center separated over two zones at the company’s Heidelberg headquarters. Previously, however, the PRIMERGY servers and ETERNUS DX storage systems had not been mirrored, but had instead simply been shared over the two zones. Two PRIMERGY RX300 servers in each zone had become responsible for delivering the performance of 170 virtualized clients (Fujitsu Zero Clients). In the event of a failure of one half of the data center, 85 clients would therefore have been left without data. The storage components themselves were not redundantly designed either.

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