ATLAS keeps DII on schedule with a new UAD supply chain

30 January 2014

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) is replacing its many IT ‘islands' with a single, more efficient system known as Defence Information Infrastructure (DII). DII will save money and be more capable and secure.

It is the single biggest infrastructure project, to date, rolled out in Europe and when complete, over 300,000 users will be connected to the system via 150,000 User Access Devices (UADs) which could be a new desktop, laptop or mobile terminal across approximately 2,000 MoD sites worldwide.

ATLAS partner Fujitsu offered their Warrington List X site in which a dedicated UAD build centre would be set up. Within just two months, ATLAS DII servers were installed and 128 UAD build points had been established and manned by security cleared engineers.

Days later, fully built and configured UADs began reaching the desired 1,000 users a week level. Installation became a simple ‘plug and play' affair that took around two minutes.

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