Pisani saves nearly £200,000 with unified communications

30 January 2014

Pisani Group is a leading natural stone wholesaler and importer, offering a wide choice of marble, granite, limestone, quartz and other stones, sourced from 40 countries throughout the world. As an international authority on the use of stone in the construction industry, Pisani offers custom orders, installation and consultancy advice to both UK and global customers.

The company has four offices across in the UK – as far apart as Aberdeen and London, a distance of 400 miles. Managers used to spend hours travelling between sites for meetings and consultancy work. As a result, travel costs were high and time was spent unproductively on various modes of transport.

The design of the firm’s existing PBX meant that executives were unable to transfer a customer call from one branch office to another — instead, they had to tell customers to dial another telephone number. This was unprofessional and put the business at risk of losing client orders. In addition, there was no video conferencing capability.

Each Pisani Group site had a different information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure with a highly disjointed set up, Dr Nikolaos Sakellarios, IT and Operations Manager, Pisani Group, says: “Our previous network infrastructure suffered frequent and prolonged periods of downtime. To improve both network stability and user experience, we replaced our unstable network and disparate communication system stack with a private network infrastructure and a single unified communication solution from alwaysON.”

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