Managed ‘city wide’ wireless network backhauls CCTV footage to monitoring station

30 January 2014

Gentoo Sunderland is the housing association of the Gentoo Group and is responsible for delivering core housing management services and maintenance to approximately 70,000 customers in 30,000 homes.

Customer service and business improvement is high on Gentoo’s agenda, with over 4,000 customers actively involved. Employing over 650 staff across the city, Gentoo Sunderland provides a wide range of services for customers, from tackling anti-social behaviour to carrying out repairs and maintenance.

Gentoo required an intelligent network to provide IP connectivity to a number of buildings within the Sunderland area. Gentoo needed the network to converge traditional data, CCTV imagery and emergency ‘panic button’ traffic, whilst ensuring that connectivity between the multiple Gentoo sites and its central monitoring station was both secure and reliable.

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