How Fredrickson has reduced third party scrutiny and protected its reputation with ISO 27001 certification

30 January 2014

Fredrickson International is a debt collection agency (DCA) operating in the UK with three sites across Surrey. It employs more than 300 staff and recovers debt in excess of £100m per annum. The organisation’s key corporate values are compliance, performance and innovation.

The debt collection industry is subject to increasingly intense regulatory scrutiny worldwide, and Fredrickson’s clients also come from a number of highly regulated industry sectors including banking, finance, utility, telecommunications, home shopping and central Government.

Like most organisations, Fredrickson is facing increased security challenges and IT management demands. Information security is fundamental to the success of its growing business with much of its work involving receiving, analysing and storing sensitive consumer and business credit information.

It is vital that the organisation has appropriate controls in place to protect its systems from hackers, and prevent personal information on its systems falling into the wrong hands as there is a real risk it could be used by criminals to commit identity fraud.

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