Swivel secures remote workers for business advisors

30 January 2014

RMT Accountants and Business Advisors was established in 1954 and today, it is one of the North East’s largest firms of independent accountants and business advisors.

The nature of the RMT business inevitably means that key employees need to spend large amounts of their time meeting with their clients and away from their office base in Gosforth. As a business that relies heavily on its IT system, particularly in maintaining client information as well as managing frequent emails and general internet access for research purposes, RMT found that valuable fee-earner time was being wasted by frequent returns to the office to access and update important information.

Fortunately RMT could call on its own dedicated IT business, RMT Technology, for advice and help in providing a more efficient and productive solution. RMT Technology has over 10 years’ experience in accounting and business systems as well as offering general IT support for businesses in the North East and recommended an SSL VPN solution to enable RMT staff to access the company’s Citrix based network, from any location, just using a secure internet connection.

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