JLT Group selects Ecl-ips for innovative managed UPS and environmental monitoring solution

30 January 2014

JLT Group has upgraded its diverse and difficult to manage UPS and monitoring systems to a Schneider/APC centric platform with complete power, environmental and security monitoring.

JLT Group is an international group of risk specialists and employee benefits consultants, and one of the largest of its type in the world. It has around 7,600 employees based at over 100 offices in 33 countries including 40 sites in the UK.

For many years, JLT has grown through acquisition adding new offices and a diverse range of IT equipment at comms rooms across the UK and overseas. For Ritchie Coombs, Technical Services Manager at JLT Group and his small team, these standalone sites presented a management challenge. The sites are spread across the length of the UK, many without local IT staff and often in managed offices, and need to be maintained to ensure reliable IT and communication infrastructure.

Issues such as power supply outages, air conditioning failures resulting in high temperature related equipment failures were difficult to quickly spot and rectify. Even at sites protected by UPS, it was difficult to ensure the reliability of batteries with little service histories and infrequent failover testing.

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