Fusion Broadband embraces Equinix in global expansion of its SD-WAN service

09 July 2021

SD-WAN provider Fusion Broadband has expanded into Equinix, which will give it a significantly larger global footprint and enable it "to offer customers enhanced performance and more advanced connectivity options".

Equinix is a  digital infrastructure company operating more than 220 data centres in 26 countries on five continents.

As the networking requirements of global businesses become more sophisticated, Fusion Broadband identified a need to support their customers’ growth by leveraging Equinix and offering greater WAN connectivity through direct access to a multitude of cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, Alibaba and Oracle.

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'Reliance upon outdated, insecure & expensive legacy fax servers as organisations move to enable their hybrid workforce'

01 July 2021

Research carried out by online fax solution, eFax, has revealed reliance upon outdated, insecure & expensive legacy fax servers as organisations move to enable their hybrid workforce

It found that over a third (35%) of UK IT decision-makers admit their organisation still rely upon on-premise fax servers. Meanwhile, the majority of UK IT decision-makers (89%) plan to move away from a reliance upon on-premise fax servers, as a direct result of enabling a new hybrid workforce to securely send and sign vital documents and paperwork.

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Meet the boss of Infovista

18 June 2021

José Duarte, CEO, Infovista

José Duarte, CEO, Infovista

What was your big career break? 

• Back in 1993, I was offered the opportunity to establish SAP in Portugal. I took it, starting as a consultant in a small part of what was this gigantic company. Through hard work, we established a foothold in the market. I evolved to become SAP’s president of Latin America, later President of EMEA and, finally, global president services and corporate Officer. It was the ride of a lifetime. I worked 20 years at SAP and have been privileged to meet with talented people and witness technological revolutions. That experience has shaped me as both an executive and on a personal level.

Who was your hero when you were growing up?

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Zoom Launches Zoom Phone Appliances

09 June 2021

Smart agriculture and organic farming are two trends strongly linked. In the United Kingdom are walking hand in hand for a while to improve competitiveness of small producers.

Senseye, a UK software company focused on prognostics and conditions monitoring, decided to develop a project with organic farmers to increase their crops and make them sustainable.

Since the beginning, the Senseye engineer team detected a lack of freely available public data in matter of agriculture issues, so they decided that it was necessary to work elbow to elbow with farmers and deploy a sensor network around the country to collect data.

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