High Density Fiber

22 December 2016

Executive Summary

Growing demand for faster access to larger volumes of data, coupled with emerging high-speed network standards and rapidly advancing technology, is having a profound impact on network infrastructure. As 40 Gb fiber becomes a standard option in data centers, the challenge of connecting 40 Gb switches to existing 10 Gb equipment moves front and center. Adding further complexity, it’s clear that organizations of all sizes also need to be prepared to integrate speeds of 100/120 Gb and beyond. Custom breakout cables filled a pressing need when there were no other options available, but they also increase costs, delay projects and present an unpleasant scenario for upgrades and repairs. The emergence of modular patch panels provides a mature and highly scalable alternative to custom breakout cables. Modular patch panels conveniently integrate equipment of different network speeds to meet your connectivity needs today and cost-effectively future-proof your network for tomorrow.