ZPE Systems unveils IT resilience products

05 June 2024

ZPE Systems, a leader in network infrastructure and management solutions that is now part of Legrand, launches two new products at Cisco Live Las Vegas: the Nodegrid Serial Console Core Edition and the Nodegrid Gate SR platform with embedded NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano™ module. These products will empower organizations to better protect their vital IT infrastructure and NVIDIA AI investments from the growing risks of cyber-attacks.

The Nodegrid Serial Console Core Edition is a cost-effective third generation console server that resolves the vulnerabilities left by legacy console servers. It leverages drop-in Isolated Management Infrastructure (IMI) to fully separate management traffic from production networks. The creation of a separate management network provides physical and logical isolation from unauthorized users and cyber threats.

“The first step in cybersecurity resiliency is proper IT hygiene, starting with the right architecture to remove anxiety from automated patching and recovery,” said Koroush Saraf, VP of products and marketing at ZPE Systems. “The Core Edition simplifies IMI, providing secure, isolated management access from any branch office or remote location via any LAN or WAN link type, including cellular connections. This gives customers a safe environment for patching or configuration rollback even during an outage or cyberattack.”

Though IMI has been used primarily by hyperscalers and big tech brands, the Core Edition enables businesses of all sizes to build their own IMI networks and reap the benefits of a layered security approach at an affordable price.

“With the NSCP Core Edition, our goal is to make big tech’s resilience practices accessible and affordable for all organizations,” said Arnaldo Zimmermann, cofounder of ZPE and VP/GM at Legrand. “Now, anyone can drop in our Gen 3 console server, create their IMI, and close those vulnerabilities created by their outdated devices.”

ZPE is also releasing the Nodegrid Gate SR with embedded Jetson module. This new platform internally hosts the NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano™ module, serving as an out-of-band device for initial bring-up, patching, and upgrading when running NVIDIA workloads. ZPE’s Gate SR with embedded Jetson module offers a dual-CPU platform that uses the same IMI concept for provisioning AI workloads via out-of-band path and allows customers to deploy, manage, and upgrade remotely via ZPE Cloud. This new Nodegrid platform enables organizations to improve industrial floor safety, campus security, and manufacturing quality control, by deploying 3rd party computer vision software at the edge. Organizations can now add resilience and recovery to the fleet of their NVIDIA AI workloads with ZPE embedded or external AI hardware devices.