Rackspace UK Sovereign Services to support UK’s enterprises with cloud

09 April 2024

Rackspace Technology has announced the launch of Rackspace UK Sovereign Services as part of its next generation product set.

The offering provides end-to-end, digitally sovereign cloud services for the UK public sector and other regulated industries.

Sovereign cloud services keep data, support, and infrastructure within the borders of a national state. This is normally a requirement for government agencies, healthcare providers, law enforcement organisations and other regulated industries in the private sector such as pharma and financial services. Providing a solution to these sectors assures regulatory compliance and allows a reduction in an organisation’s security risk, especially important considering the increase in global cyberthreats.

Rackspace UK Sovereign Services prioritises customer data security aligned with the recommendations of the UK National Cyber Security Centre & NHS England amongst other UK regulatory bodies. Rackspace UK Sovereign Services is changing the game by providing a platform that has dedicated compute and storage ‘Pods’ for each customer sector, each Pod is isolated from any other with full segregation of compute and storage services between customers. This approach ensures a cost-effective hosting solution for customers, while providing the high levels of data security they require. The platform is designed for secure workloads accredited for UK Official (to a handling guidance of Official-Sensitive) or NHS England Class V risk data.

Through Rackspace Technology’s extensive partnership with BT, it also provides secure, and fully sovereign, communication services into our secure data centres, adding further value to the service to customers.

“Digital independence and sovereignty within the UK have become key requirements of public sector and many other regulated industries with only a small number of providers to choose from. This truly digital Sovereign offering allows for the UK public sector to achieve cost savings and compliance all through a single provider, without compromising on security or performance,” said Rick Martire, general manager for sovereign services, UK at Rackspace Technology.