09 November 2021

Shadow IoT devices and their corresponding risks can be uncovered with a product that takes minutes to set up, says Ordr.

The company says its IoT Discovery Progam is a complete kit — cloud-managed IoT sensor and Ordr Core software — to get users up and running in minutes.

Following zero touch provisioning and installation of the IoT sensor, device data is sent to the Ordr Cloud dashboard, making it easy for enterprises to analyse and act upon the granular, connected device insights to drive security decisions and improve operational performance.

Ordr says there is a free 30-day trial, which can then be upgraded to a paid deployment. It says that Ordr Core enables users to immediately reveal everything connected to the network plus the security and management risks associated with them. Based on an understanding of device behaviours and risks, customers can then enable automated actions and advanced integrations with the Ordr Premium software subscription to proactively address these risks. ordr.net