09 November 2021

Every endpoint connected to a network is found and fingerprinted by Singularity Ranger, says SentinelOne. Then machine learning algorithms identify the operating system, type and role of each to enable blocking of unauthorised endpoints.

Cloud delivered, it is said to give up-todate information on – and better visibility into – what is on the network, so users are fully-equipped to make better risk assessment decisions.

Singularity Ranger, says the company, passively listens for network broadcast data and correlates all learned information within the backend to fingerprint known and unknown endpoints, revealing vital information about IP-enabled endpoints and producing inventories in seconds across a region or the globe. Suspicious endpoints, including IoT, can be isolated with a single click.

It is said to be easily implemented and administrators can specify a different policy for each network and subnet if needed and choose between autoenabled scanning and requiring explicit permission.