Exos X18

08 July 2021

Data generation is expected to grow at an annual rate of 42.2 per cent over the next two years, says Seagate, citing a survey it commissioned from IDC.

The company says its Exos X18 drive helps to efficiently and cost-effectively manage ever-increasing amounts of data.

It describes Exos X18 as the fifth-generation high capacity helium 3.5in 7200 RPM nearline enterprise drive offering 18TB with both SATA and SAS interfaces.

Seagate says it overcomes NAS system storage challenges by enabling ultra-fast data transfers, lower power and weight compared with traditional nearline drives and increased random reads/write (IOPS) than previous generations with 512e and 4KN formatting. And it offers built-in data protection through its Seagate Secure technology.

In addition, Seagate has introduced the new Exos Application Platform (AP) 2U12 as well as a new controller for the company’s AP 4U100 systems. seagate.com