08 July 2021

Said to be 100 times faster than flash-based devices, SiliconDisk is a RAM-based 1U data storage unit from ATTO Technology.

It says SiliconDisk far exceeds current SSD products for performance and extensibility with under 600 nanoseconds of latency, four 100GB Ethernet ports and 25GB/s of sustained throughput.

And ATTO says it is plug and play, needing no special software or application or infrastructure changes.

Data is instantly stored and retrieved, says the company, making it ideal for accelerating real-time analytics. Memory capacity starts at 512 GB.

The four 100GbE channels are integrated into a single chip and linked to high-speed RAM, managed by the company’s XCOR storage controller designed to remove bottlenecks in performance.

Included with the device are RToptimizer, for real-time analytics, and Infinite Write Endurance, said to ensure that the RAM has no “per write” flash performance penalties or worry of memory wear-out.