16 June 2021

Datwyler is a Swiss player, which boasts “creativity and drive, dependability and entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for shared success with our customers”.

The Datwyler Micro Data Centre (MDC) prides itself on being a compact, fully-preassembled plug-and-play IT infrastructure solution. It contains  a 42U rack, among other things, an energy distribution unit, UPS, cooling unit, air gap sealing, an environment and security monitoring system as well as the associated sensors.

Other key features include smart access control (key, card, keypad or biometric), backup batteries (MDC 200 / 300) an in-Rack cooling system, 3.6 kW (MDC 300) and sensors.

There are optional extras, too. They include rack mounted fire suppression, a camera, cabling, emergency ventilation fans and an SMS alarm notification.

In other words, the  Datwyler Micro Data Centre is tailor-made and customised solution to fulfil the customers’ specific needs and requirements.

What’s more, it can be deployed within a few hours.  datwylermdc.com