Exponential-e’s Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) suite

25 February 2021

UCaaS from Exponential-e

UCaaS from Exponential-e

Exponential-e’s Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) suite combines technologies from several vendors, including Microsoft, Cisco, Broadsoft and Contact Centre as a Service, and is designed to support increased collaboration and productivity in the workplace, wherever employees are working from.

Users have one identity across all services – voice, video, IM and presence information – and can access contacts from one list across all their work devices. IM and presence let users know at a glance whether other colleagues are available and online. Users can also be added to group calls easily and communications pulled across multiple devices with no break in flow.

When a more face-to-face conversation is required, calls can be escalated to video, regardless of the device participants are using or where they are located. Desktop sharing gives teams the ability to view presentations or documents in real-time, on their own devices. Delivering functionality to remote workers and their office-based colleagues enables employees to collaborate as if they were at the next desk, from the working environment that best suits them.

“Remote working provision has gone from being a nice perk to offer staff, to an integral part of every organisation’s approach to employment. UCaaS solutions have been absolutely fundamental to its success, and helped organisations realise their goals of delivering improved productivity, increased collaboration and greater flexibility through flexible working," says Afshin Attari, director - public sector & unified platforms,  at Exponential-e: "Along with increased connectivity, businesses can offer employees more variable working hours, which enhances customer service through the continued availability of support agents, and helps employees achieve a better work-life balance, improving employee retention and job satisfaction. Ultimately UCaaS solutions make a huge difference to a business’ bottom line. They should be seen as an indispensable part of an organisation’s technology stack, and an essential vehicle in delivering a more flexible working future.”