Garland Technology

18 February 2021

Garland Technology’s PacketMAX Appliances are designed to provide advanced features for both inline and out-of-band applications.

The systems support 1G- 100G speeds.

The system aims at reducing the overall volume of traffic sent to tools to reduce the possibility of oversubscription.

PacketMAX’s Advanced FPGA based design offers increased flexibility by offering; Large-window de-duplication ensures tool CPU and memory resources are only being used for the packets that matter, Time Stamping with 5ns resolution , Programmable Packet Slicing / Stripping support for VLAN, MPLS, VNTAG, FabricPath, VXLAN, GTP- U, IP-in-IP, L3GRE, L2GRE.

A benefit of packet slicing is in regulatory compliance.

Legislation such as HIPAA, PCI and others demand data confidentiality, and stripping sensitive payload data from packets before they go to monitoring tools ensures that this sensitive data is not stored outside secure boundaries.

Deploying a PacketMAX solution extends the life of your existing infrastructure by optimising throughput and preventing port oversubscription.

Existing security and monitoring tools receive a new lease of life by reducing traffic volumes sent to the tools.

Adding the above features to your existing infrastructure, can significantly reduce the processing overhead from security or monitoring tools that use SR, LR, and ER MSA compliant transceivers at speeds of: 1G, 10G, 25G, 40G & 100G.

Securing and monitoring your network is the ultimate goal.

Network packet brokers are critical to accomplishing that goal by providing access and management of network traffic from multiple links to optimize the performance your network monitoring and security tools.