Test and measurement

04 February 2021

Exfo's  MaxTester

Exfo's  MaxTester

EXFO’s MaxTester 940/945 Fibre Certifier OLTS is a tablet-inspired test solution optimised for tier-1 fiber certification for data centre and enterprise structured cabling. The product certifies that the fiber optic infrastructure is meeting the loss budget at the time of installation. This ensures that system activation runs according to plan, and allows IT technicians to achieve faster, first-time right system acceptance.

Enterprise networks are evolving to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of applications. Regardless of whether these applications are delivered on mobile internet or wired connections, fiber optics has long established itself as the means to directly connect end devices, or form part of the backbone of LAN infrastructure.
As fibre becomes more pervasive in private enterprise networks, passive optical LAN has emerged as an interesting alternative to mixed fiber and copper-based LANs. Passive optical LAN not only has the potential to reduce power consumption, more importantly, it provides the space required to host equipment.

The MaxTester 940/945 Fiber Certifier allows technicians to certify both traditional LAN and passive optical LANs on either single or dual fibers. It can also test against cabling and application standards simultaneously. Technicians can certify the cabling—meaning the physical quality of the fiber and its components, such as splices and connectors—as well as the application that the fiber can carry; for instance, IEEE or Fibre Channel.

The MaxTester 940/945 Fiber Certifier also comes with onboard PDF reporting to convert multiple measurements into a single professional report in a format recognized by the industry standards. The reporting includes clear pass/fail certification status against the multiple standards tested, and a summary of the measurements with margins, anomalies, test-cord references and verification.