18 January 2021

Sunbird has developed a complete solution based on feedback from customers that supports agile remote management.

Among its features is the ability to remotely view data centre sites in 3D, visualising all assets and physical connections.

Rack elevation views with overlaid live readings from environmental sensors provide dynamic visuals.

In addition, it offers 100+ dashboard widgets out of the box to transform data into actionable insights with KPIs for every scenario.

Businesses can create, edit and share custom dashboards for data-driven collaboration.

Other features include visual floor map reports to see and understand all power, space, and network connectivity capacity with easy-to-understand color-coding.

Furthermore, the solution offers extensive asset management tracking for all IT equipment residing in the data centre and all supporting infrastructure assets with relationship mapping down to physical port level and up to virtual machine and application levels.

Users can track device subcomponents and spare parts such as transceivers, power supplies, memory modules, network interface cards or cassettes.

There are also thermal maps with time-lapse video to ensure environmental health, identify hot spots, and identify overcooling.

Moreover, users have the ability to find stranded power and lower risk with automatic capacity planning in which power budget profiles are calculated for each device instance based upon the actual measured load in your environment.