Barracudas CloudGen Firewall

15 April 2020

In a new release of CloudGen Firewall, Barracuda Networks says it has added functions to help streamline SD-WAN management, optimise cloud connectivity and automate scalable protection across multi-cloud deployments.

Barracuda says many rival SD-WAN products require days to deploy and can introduce vulnerabilities if not correctly configured. CloudGen Firewall, it says, provides an all-in-one SD-WAN solution that is integrated with public cloud infrastructure, giving users security and connectivity and automation to make their lives easier. It says Release 8 adds a range of automation features to streamline deployment and provide visibility and control for successful implementations.

In addition, the company says that in extending the capabilities of Firewall Insights, the new “WAN Patch Controller dashboard” dynamically displays global SD-WAN data on network and remote location health status, so users can make more efficient use of WAN resources while improving performance.