EnGenius ECS2512FP and ECS2512

04 March 2020

Designed to keep ahead of the bandwidth demands of Wi-Fi 6 access points and ensure maximum power for devices, two multi-gigabit switches have been introduced by EnGenius.

The ECS2512FP and ECS2512 each have eight 2.5G ports that automatically detect speeds needed by end devices and support 120Gbps switching capacity.

The ECS2512FP supports one of the latest PoE standards, 802.3bt, for the growing demand of higher-powered devices like Wi-Fi 6 wireless access points that support over 1Gb speeds and power devices that exceed 30W, including AV controllers, PTZ cameras, digital signage as well as lighting.

They also come with four 10Gbps SFP+ slots that extend connectivity via fibre for uplinks, redundancy, failover and to connect floors and buildings at extreme distances and speeds. 

And they use EnGenius’ free-subscription cloud service which includes real-time system metrics, analytics, troubleshooting and displays the network topology.