Fluke Networks MicroScanner PoE

17 February 2020

Faster installation and troubleshooting of Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices are promised by Fluke Networks with the introduction of its MicroScanner PoE tester.

It displays the class of power available as reported by the switch in to indicate if sufficient power is available for the device in question.

It uses the Ethernet Alliance certification for PoE of 0-8.

Fluke says MicroScanner PoE also provides a complete set of tools for installing PoE and non-PoE devices.

They include cable wire-mapping, a built-in toner and distance-to-fault indicators to quickly track down cabling problems.

When connected to a live switch port, the unit displays the speed of the port up to 10Gbps, said to be especially useful for troubleshooting slow access points.

Cable identifiers can be used to track which cable goes where.