Teneo uses Riverbed’s help for Visibility-as-a-Service

06 October 2017

Teneo and Riverbed have developed Visibility-as-a-Service (VaaS) which they claim sets new standards for application, network and end user performance insights and problem-solving. 

Utilising key components of Riverbed’s SteelCentral portfolio, the new platform complements Teneo’s existing global networking services that include what’s said to be a unique application-defined SD-WAN capability supported by Riverbed SteelConnect.

This round the clock service is available as a worldwide offering, delivering a single view of business-critical application health.

Teneo reckons it speeds up regional or local troubleshooting needs, and overcomes ‘siloed’ or supplier performance reporting limitations, to any organisation’s individual requirements.

The new VaaS capability is delivered at four different service levels to match global enterprises’ IT skill sets and personnel resources.

Level 1 is a technology readiness-focused option. Here, Teneo manages the upkeep of the customer’s monitoring tools while the customer will generally ‘self-serve’ for their own monitoring purposes.

Level 2 is a network performance-focused option, enabling deeper application usage and bandwidth consumption insights. Teneo says this level delivers advanced behavioural analytics/trending/alert capabilities.

Level 3 offers application performance monitoring, root cause analysis and troubleshooting offering. It is run in conjunction with in-house IT teams, drawing on rich forensic data. Teneo adds that this service level enables IT teams to see emerging application performance trends and issues.

Teneo CTO Marc Sollars reckons IT execs are making vital networking decisions based on sprawling data or “cobbled-together” performance dashboards.

Teneo CTO Marc Sollars reckons IT execs are making vital networking decisions based on sprawling data or “cobbled-together” performance dashboards.

Level 4 provides real-time, end user experience monitoring and rapid troubleshooting capability, for web, cloud and hybrid environments.

The vendor adds that this bespoke service level ensures faster ‘drill down’ responses and active improvements, as well as “deeper and very flexible” collaborations with internal/third party IT teams to resolve issues and drive system enhancements.

Teneo says it developed its VaaS capability as a direct response to enterprise CIOs’ increasing focus on the customer experience.

Marc Sollars, the company’s CTO, says that as they digitise operations or adopt wider cloud models, CIOs often struggle to maintain visibility of key application performance and enhance their customers’ experience. 

He says: “Senior IT executives are making vital networking decisions based on sprawling data, or cobbled-together performance dashboards, knowing they either lack the in-house skills or the team resources to get the best out of today’s cutting-edge monitoring tools. 

“Our new Visibility-as-a-Service changes the game for IT executives, giving them a ‘right-sizing’ approach to getting full end-to-end performance visibility. With our bespoke service, CIOs can drive up their performance insight levels or speed up troubleshooting without committing to extra capital outlay or having to redeploy their already hard-pressed IT teams.”