Manx Telecom to foster employee development with Cornerstone Learn

05 June 2024

Manx Telecom has selected Cornerstone Learn to foster growth and development of its employees.

Cornerstone Learn helps organisations drive business outcomes, with assigned and self-directed learning. Cornerstone Learn is part of Cornerstone Galaxy, the complete AI-powered workforce agility platform that helps build high-performing, future-ready people and organizations with a holistic and interconnected solution.

With Cornerstones Learn, Manx Telecom will deliver democratised, modern learning at scale, unveil crucial skills insights, and cultivate a truly agile workforce. Using Cornerstone, Manx Telecom will unveil new Leadership Academies and Pathways to foster a pipeline of future leaders, helping to both affirm Manx Telecom’s position as a market leader, as well as drive the development of every employee. Cornerstone’s trusted, award-winning compliance content and capabilities will also support Manx Telecom in being audit ready.

"At Manx Telecom, our vision extends beyond traditional telecommunications. We're focused on diversifying and expanding, leveraging our existing skills. Cornerstone emerged as the ideal partner, offering comprehensive support while ensuring compliance, a critical aspect in our regulated industry. We're excited to embark on this journey with Cornerstone,” said Sylvie Mawer, head of people at Manx Telecom.

"At Manx Telecom, we cherish the loyalty of our workforce, many of whom have been with us for years. By prioritising their growth and experience, we underscore our dedication to their advancement. With Cornerstone's expertise, we are poised to transition to a modern, innovative learning experience that places our people at the centre,” said Dorota Arndt, learning & development lead, at Manx Telecom.