Rubix VT supports Together Co scores new systems

05 June 2024

Rubix VT has stepped up to help beat social isolation by extending a helping hand to Brighton and Hove loneliness charity Together Co with telecoms and volunteers. The company has allocated free telecoms services to 20 users at Together Co, a contribution valued at £10,500.

Together Co received a new telecoms system tailored to its specific needs and integrated with existing systems, which have helped to speed up internal processes and made the charity operate more efficiently. Rubix VT also provided the charity with training and ongoing support to ensure staff could use the new system easily, minimising disruption during the transition period.

Team members from Rubix VT have also volunteered to become Telephone Befriending Volunteers for people supported by Together Co. After undergoing comprehensive training, five employees are now poised to provide regular companionship and support through weekly phone calls to those in need.

“Rubix VT’s telecoms services align perfectly with Together Co’s mission to ‘create connections’ and combat loneliness, so we’re especially proud to play a part,” said Nick Poyner, managing director of Rubix VT. “It means a lot to our team to have an opportunity to volunteer and collaborate with Together Co and help people who are struggling. Helping people and giving back is a core part of Rubix VT and it’s wonderful to know that thanks to our team, we will be brightening up someone’s day.”

“The smooth changeover allowed us to continue connecting with people using Together Co’s services, which was particularly important as many of the people we support do not have access to the internet or email,” said Emily Daniel, head of insight and involvement at Together Co. “Rubix VT are genuinely passionate about our mission as a charity, and their dedication is reflected in their proactive efforts to ensure our telecommunications solutions are perfectly aligned with our needs.”