ICS.AI and Derby City Council Keepit has opened a UK headquarters in expand smart city plans

04 March 2024

ICS.AI and Derby City Council have announced an expansion of their partnership through a £7 million AI project aimed at transforming public service delivery. This four-year initiative marks a significant advancement in applying generative AI technologies to enhance customer service operations across the council’s various departments.

The deal will see an expansion of AI capabilities into critical areas such as Adult Social Care, Customer Services, and Debt Recovery, which were selected through comprehensive workshops that identified 54 distinct use cases for AI integration. Following this phase, Derby City Council plans to roll out further phases of AI adoption across other service areas.

Central to this initiative is the deployment of ICS.AI’s SMART Copilot AI platform, which uses advanced generative AI capabilities to tackle complex enquiries, mirroring human-like understanding and responsiveness, and setting a new standard in public sector service provision.