MLL and SCP extend WAN partnership

09 February 2024

MLL Telecom has extended its contract with the Suffolk Cloud Partnership (SCP) for a further five years.

The contract was signed by Suffolk County Council (SCC), the anchor tenant of the SCP framework. In addition to SCC, it is open to any other Public Sector organisation in and around East Anglia including local authorities, NHS Trusts, and schools. This ensures they can all share in the economies of scale and expertise available when procuring and implementing network connectivity services. The network will also continue to support the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership growth strategy.

Valued in excess of £7 million, MLL’s contract encompasses the provision of a wide range of managed Wide Area Network (WAN) services to over 600 sites across East Anglia. These include resilient gateways for secure access to Microsoft Azure, PSN and HSCN services from within MLL’s Cloud platform, Internet access and DDOS services, and SIP and Microsoft Teams direct routing telephony.

MLL is also providing SmoothWall content filtering for delivering a best-in-class safeguarding solution for schools throughout the region. Additionally, as part of SCP’s strategy to integrate health and care services by enabling seamless connection between social care workers and NHS sites, MLL’s hosted RADIUS platform for GovRoam Wi-Fi services will enable ubiquitous Wi-Fi access across a single public sector estate. Co-Location space in exchanges is also being made available by MLL to accommodate SCC’s own IT equipment, delivering on premises hosting cost savings and an optimised service delivery and architecture.

The SCP’s core services are supported by MLL’s Project Management, Technical Design Authority, Service Delivery Management and IP and Field Engineering teams. The core services have a contract expiry date of 31st December 2029.

“We are pleased to extend the Suffolk Cloud Partnership agreement with MLL for a further five years,” said Cllr Matthew Hicks, leader of Suffolk County Council. “The new agreement provides for an optimised network solution to provide best value for SCC and the SCP participant community. The solution will future proof the SCP, and MLL’s commitments to social value and minimising their environmental impact will make a positive contribution to the region.”

“We are delighted by the Suffolk Cloud partners’ continued commitment to the various network services that MLL provide. Having signed our original contract back in 2010, we have developed an extremely strong partnership that has seen us evolve and improve the services to meet the changing network demands of the Public Sector in and around East Anglia,” said David Porter, strategic client director for MLL.